Our firm is the result of the work and the experience of four generations of viticultural nurserymen.


One of the pioneers of viticultural nurserymen as we mean it today was Luigi Pinat. All began during the first decades of the last century when viticulture was threatened by the spreading of phylloxera.


Thanks to the Austrian government of that time, Luigi was able to prove in our area too, the validity of the vine propagatio by graft of European varieties on American foot.

In 1920 he was appointed director of the provincial nursery of Trieste, located in Begliano.

Meanwhile in Perteole too, the nursery of Bartolomeo Pinat (Luigi brother in law) developed.
Our firm now managed by Giuseppe Pinat originated from this first nursery.


Since those times our seat hasn't change. Ever after we have invested all our passion and professionality as well as means to improve the quality of our products.